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Our history


Raul Perera - Founder of Superior Mechanical Systems (pictured)

Raul saw a niche in the Florida Division for mid-size contractors to provide chilled water for large projects. The majority of mechanical contractors that installed chilled water systems were large companies and are very competitive on large projects. There were several small mechanical contractors that focused on DX systems but did not have the experience in chilled water. He envisioned the possible opportunities and knew that he had the technical knowledge and experience to compete and deliver great success. 

Monica Howard Dulin HVAC Mechanical Contractor Project Manager Superior Mechanical Systems

CLINT DULIN - President

MONICA DULIN - Operations and Project Manager

TOM STONE - Estimating

YULI NAVAS - Project Engineer

LUIS RIVAS - Project Manager

SHARROD LANGSTON - Assistant Project Manager

HARRY MARTIN - Superintendent

JASON BARNES - Superintendent

REBECCA PIRRI - Project Coordinator

GAYLE WARREN - Accounting / HR

KENDALL RHULE - Operations